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The Need for Expert Testimony

With a new application from the water miners currrently before the Office of the State Engineer, we need to gear up for another round of hearings and possible litigation.  YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED.   We MUST raise at least $100,000 for the purpose of compensating our expert witnesses for their time, travel, and research in testifying before the State Engineer's Office.  Please visit our "Help Us Fight" page NOW to make your tax-deductible donation to our expert witness fund.  You must act now to help us protect your water rights! We suggest a minimum donation of $25...though of course donations of any size are welcome.   Why is this important?  Carol Pittman's letter here answers that question.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our fight is important to you:
•  The APR water mining attempt proposes an UNSUSTAINABLE rate of ground water withdrawal
•  Water mining would reduce flow from the aquifer to the Gila and San Francisco rivers, adversely 
     impacting two national parks and the Gila Wilderness Area, and potential reducing water available
     through consumer acequias
•  Excessive pumping from a depth of 4,000 feet could cause the water table to drop to a level where
     local residents and ranchers could never afford to drill their own wells, effectively leaving them without
     available water
•  Perched aquifers in the norther part of the plains could collapse as the main aquifer is depleted

Once you have made your donation on our "Help Us Fight" page, please scroll to the bottom of that page for instructions on sending a protest letter to the Office of the State Engineer.  Sample letters are provided, along with some facts in brief to help you customize your letter.  

Do not let the water miners take our water and destroy our way of life.

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