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With privatization of water resources, new efforts to completely erode people's rights and replace collective ownership with corporate control are under way. That communities of real people with real needs exist beyond the state and the market is often forgotten in the rush for privatization....
from "Water Wars" by Vandana Shiva

Carol Pittman:

Supporter of local water rights
Organizer of opposition to the San Augustin water grab
Resident of ranchland adjacent to the Augustin Plains Ranch
Founding member of the San Augustin Water Coalition

The San Augustin Water Report is owned and authored by Carol Pittman in order to keep residents of Catron and Socorro counties, and all of New Mexico, informed about the threat to their lives and lifestyles posed by the Augustin Plains Ranch water mining proposal.  Carol and her husband Ray live on ranchland directly adjacent to the Augustin Plains Ranch proposed water mining site.  The APR attempted water grab is the subject of ongoing litigation, and parties protesting the plan include ranchers, town and subdivision residents, Native American tribes, the San Augustin Water Coalition, and many others.  The Pittmans are represented by Bruce Frederick of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center.

Carol Pittman, organizer of opposition to the San Augustin water grab
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